Sharks Matter

Sharks are vital to keep the oceans healthy and balanced. As apex predators they help to maintain complex ecosystems full of diversity and life by feeding on the animals below them in the food web, preventing one species from monopolizing a limited resource and removing sick and weak individuals. They serve as a key indicator for ocean health.

Unfortunately, many shark populations around the world are experiencing a rapid decline due to human exploitations. Current regulatory protection for shark species is complex, difficult to implement effectively and often lack the global framework necessary to address the highly migratory nature of most shark species.

Our “Save the Sharks” Campaign

Nakawe Project leads conservation initiatives through direct intervention in affected areas, through educational programs, specific research and studies, as well as through the development of media communication campaigns to drive up public awareness.

International Shark Meat Consumption

Shark meat is a popular product in human diets around the world. Neonates, young and adult sharks are sold in supermarkets, restaurants, bars and fish markets in many parts of the world under ambiguous and often deceptive commercial names.

Nakawe Project is leading several initiatives to reduce shark meat consumption through:

➤ Research (Shark Meat DNA and Mercury Levels Studies)

➤ Shark Meat Labelling Petition Campaign

➤ Awareness & Public Engagement Campaign

Fishermen Community Engagement

Nakawe Project’s core mission is to find actionable solutions. We are actively engaged with local communities to develop sustainable alternatives such as ecotourism platforms that directly support development in highly dependent coastal shark fishing communities.

We aim to protect shark habitats: Protection of key bearing, interaction and reproduction sites for sharks through ecotourism and citizen science.

As such, Nakawe Project work with artisanal fishermen in coastal communities to collect research data (Fin ID, traceability, buyers & intermediates, shark species seasonality and life cycles etc).


In order to achieve sustainable change in a national, regional, and global context, it is necessary to create greater environmental awareness across all sectors of society, from fishermen down on the ground all the way to politicians as well as the general public. The solid support of every part of society is necessary to counter the resistance of economic forces seeking to maintain the status quo.

Educational Campaigns

Driving environmental awareness & educating the general public at a regional or even global scale is one of Nakawe Project’s critical pillars in achieving a positive impact. Media communication campaigns can have an enormous role in engendering an understanding of critical issues and thus shape public opinion and underlying sentiment towards them.

Through the use of social media channels and other forms of visual arts such as photojournalism and documentary film, we aim to raise important issues that might otherwise never be debated by the public.

Our media communication campaigns are also a great way to bring people together and gather collective engagement through shared interests and objectives.

Documentary Film

One of our most important projects is to create an investigative documentary film that seeks to expose corruption in the fishing industry. 

Filming still in progress. Watch the trailer.

Be Part of the Solution. Take Action.


Support sustainable and responsible businesses.


Shark meat is sold in supermarkets under false or ambiguous names. This means that you, the consumer, cannot make informed decisions about the seafood products you buy. Even big corporations like Walmart mislabel their seafood products.


Share our message, support our political actions, invite friends and family to do the same, become a volunteer or donate here.


Ask corporations to stop selling threatened species and add proper labels to shark meat products, sign the petition today.


Make a statement and spark meaningful conversions by wearing one of our ocean-inspired t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, tote bags, and other products. All Sustainably made.


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