A Voice for the Voiceless

Nakawe has been working in Baja California Sur for several years to understand the role of shark fishing in local communities and drive forward shark conservation measures throughout Mexico. During this time, we have come to realize that Mobula rays, which include two species of manta ray and nine species of devil ray, are also at risk in the region and in need of special attention.

Our “Save the Mobulas” Campaign

Meat from a variety of ray species is sold in local markets and supermarkets in Mexico. Always labelled under one name “Mantaray”, our goal is to understand which exact species are being offered to consumers through DNA sample research. Establishing where, how, and when these species are being caught is critical since Manta rays are protected under National law in Mexico (NOM029). In addition, Manta rays as well as several Mobula ray species are threatened with extinction, and as such, gathering this type of information is critical to assess the impact of fisheries in order to define effective protection measures.

Worth More Alive Than Dead

Our goal is to show the public in Mexico that endemic species like Mobula rays are worth more alive than dead and that it is financially worthwhile to protect them in the long term. In partnership with local fishing communities along the shores of Baja California Sur, our project aims to develop more sustainable economic activities through ecotourism with a view to reduce fishing pressures in critical marine habitats.

Through this work, we hope to gather more insight into Mobula rays and their aggregation sites so they can be better protected in the future.

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