The Striped Marlin

Striped Marlins are a highly migratory species that inhabit the Pacific Ocean. In Mexico, a unique aggregation exists, but unfortunately, because of their size and beauty, they are targeted by sport fishing as valuable trophies. Striped Marlins are also threatened by commercial fishing, especially longline pelagic fisheries targeting tunas, where thousands are killed as bycatch every year.

Besides the ethical question of sport fishing, which involves inflicting injuries and death to ecologically important wildlife, we strongly believe that sport fishing tournaments pose a significant threat to the population health of Marlins. Scientific studies also suggest that both the global population and the historical mean catch size of Striped Marlins have decreased, suggesting a strong impact from fishing pressure.

Our “Save The Marlins” Campaign

Through our “Save The Marlins” Campaign, we aim to raise public awareness about Striped Marlins, their ecological importance as apex predators, and the threats they face today. We work on developing practical solutions that can help reduce fishing pressures as well as protect critical habitat.

Nakawe Experiences – An ecotourism approach

Through ecotourism, we want to show how Marlins can be worth more alive than dead. That’s why we have founded Nakawe Experiences – an ecotourism platform that seeks to inspire people to change and commit to more sustainable lifestyles through offering hands-on ecotourism experiences.

Through our portfolio of experiences, we primarily work with local fishermen and local guides to offer them an alternative, sustainable source of income so that our work not only benefits local wildlife but also local communities.

Conservation Research

Our ecotourism projects and our work with local fishing communities serve as a tool to gather important research data about Marlin population, their abundance and movements as well as the environment so we can gain better insight as to how best to protect them in the future.

We also conduct research to estimate the economic cascade that ecotourism with Striped marlins can bring to the region.


When it comes to conservation, education is the key to sharing and making sure there is a continued effort for all future generations to come.

Promoting respect and harmony with nature in order to achieve a just balance among economic, social and environmental needs of present and future generations is fundamental. As such, driving environmental awareness & educating the general public through marine conservation campaigns is one of Nakawe Project’s critical pillars in achieving a positive impact.

Management Planning

We are currently working with other NGOs, lawyers, scientists and other humans to create a management plan to have responsible tourism practices.

Be Part of the Solution. Take Action.


In Mexico, sport fishermen are not legally allowed to sell their catch. When you order Marlin in a restaurant or buy it at a local market, traceability is uncertain. If you cannot be sure where the meat is coming from, this means it could be sourced illegally.


If you see a restaurant or market selling Marlin meat, report it. Take a video (30-45 seconds and horizontal) and send it to us at with subject “Marlin Meat”. Make sure to include location and store name! Also, please mention in the video where you are and what you see.


Join us on a life-changing Striped marlin journey where you become an active participant in changing the outcome of this species to show the world they are worth more alive.


Share our message, support our political actions, invite friends and family to do the same, become a volunteer or donate here.


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