One Human, One Species

Bringing together a community of professional underwater photographers to give a voice to vulnerable species.

Highly migratory species such as Mako sharks or Striped marlins aren’t aware of any man-made borders. It is for this very reason that they often lack effective protection, leaving them overly vulnerable to overfishing and adverse environmental impact.

One Human, One Species aims to raise awareness about some of our most beloved pelagic species. This new project brings together a great community of professional underwater photographers who will each represent one species.

By showcasing their art, these talented photographers are lending their voice to vulnerable species and offering viewers a chance to appreciate them from a new perspective. We hope that through the lens of their camera, we can create greater awareness and help foster a deeper connection between the Ocean and the public.

Bring the Ocean to your home with exclusive prints from our photographers.

Buy one of the participating photographers’ awesome prints for your wall. Proceeds are donated to our mission.

Meet the Photographers

Steve de Neef

Perrin James

Filipe DeAndrade

Cassie Jensen

Alvaro Herrero

David Serradell

Jay Clue

Jorge Cervera Hauser

Regi Domingo

Isaias Cruz

John Garza

David Valencia

Tyler Schiffman

Rodrigo Friscione

Juan Quinteros

Lewis Burnett

Adam Ernster

Szilard Janko

Daniel Dietrich